How do I find the name and email address of my Market Manager?

You will find your market manager email and phone number at the bottom of the dashboard.

I need help right away and don't want to wait for email. Can I call you?

Presently, to offer better support, we only accept support by email, support@beewake.com


Where can I see my bookings?

All the details can be found in the Bookings tab. You can filter your bookings by arrival date, departure date, date of stay or date of booking.

What should I do if a guest contacts me for a cancellation?

You'll have to contact customer service by phone or e-mail to make sure the reservation is canceled. Customer service will then contact the guest to verify the cancellation.

Do I have to confirm every booking?

No. Bookings are already confirmed. You don't need to inform us.

Can I receive bookings by e-mail?

Sure, just contact your market manager to enable this option

I can’t accommodate a guest, what should I do?

First, you need to inform our customer service. If you're not able to accommodate the guest, and we will work together to find an alternative accommodation for our mutual customers

I want to be notified about my daily arrivals. How can I get this report?

Go to My settings, found under “Managers” section. Just check the box “Daily reservation”

What can I do when a guest doesn't show up and they didn't cancel the reservation?

Go to the Bookings tab ; next to the details of the reservation, select “No Show.”. Note that you can only report a no show within 2 working days of the check-out date.

How do I create a cancellation, confirmation or room list report?

Just by going to the “Bookings” tab, you will be able to see the bookings by status, you can export them on format such as PDF and spreadsheets.

How do I view details for a reservation?

Just click on the booking and you will be able to see more details


How much commission do I pay?

Sure, just contact your market manager to verify the amount ; Go to the accounting tab and click on reservation statements. You'll be able to look up the commission percentage for each individual booking.


Where can I find my invoice?

Your invoice is e-mailed to you directly during the first week of each month. You can also download your invoice from the accounting tab on the extranet. Please note that late payment may result in your ranking being affected or in closure of your account. We never take payment from the guest.

Where can I find the list of reservations included on my invoice?

Go to the accounting tab and click on the reservation statements and select the appropriate statement.

Why do I need to reconcile a reservation?

You will to reconcile every reservation for commission payment purpose, as an example, if a guest no-showed, please tag it as “no-show” on the “booking” tab.

How can I change my taxes

Click on the property info tab to view a list of all the taxes that have been created for the property. If you want to add or edit your tax settings.


How can I upload photos?

Go to the property tab. Once your photos are added, make sure you publish them and drag any room photos to the correct spaces. It may takes up to 24 hours to have the photos verified and uploaded by our content team.

How can I see if my photos are the right size?

We only accept landscape photos with the minimum photo quality of 2048 x 1536 (3.1 megapixels). If a picture isn't the right size, it will be highlighted with a red square and an exclamation point.

How can I change the order of my photos?

You can drag and drop the photos into the order you prefer. The first photo will be the thumbnail.

How can I delete a photo from my library?

Drag and drop the photo into the trash icon, which will appear on the left-hand side as soon as you start moving the photo.

How can I change in the description of my property?

At anytime, you may change the description of your property by just going to the “property info” tab, make sure to remain to keep your description short with simple texts are the best way to present your property. Also to adapt to the reading behavior of our customers and in order to maximize their impact, you’re limited to 255 characters.

Why am I not online on Beewake?

Please check the following:

  • Do you have rates and availability loaded in the system?
  • Do you have pictures loaded?
  • Have you paid all your invoices from Beewake?


Why can't my policies appear exactly as I want them to?

We have standard templates that we use to set up the policies. This makes them clear to all our guests. Please discuss with your market manager about modifying them.

Rates & availability

How can I change the space rate?

Click on the “inventory” tab and select which dates you want to change and the space type. You can then change it and click update.

How can I load or modify my availability?

Click on the “inventory” tab and select which dates you want to change and the space type. You can then change it and click update. You will immediately see how many spaces you already sold and how many are remaining available to sell.

What do the different colors mean in the overview of my rates & availability?

The colors indicate the left to sell status, the more it gets red, the more you’re about to be sold out

I received an email saying there's no more availability. What should I do?

A sold-out date is shown on your dashboard. If you see a sold-out date, it means you've already sold all the available spaces for that particular space type. The “no availability” emails are sent to help boost your property's sales. If you have availability for the dates mentioned in the email, don't hesitate to load them.

How soon are rooms and rates changes reflected in the system?

These changes are reflected to the customers in less than 3 minutes.

How do I update my property amenities or space amenities that display on the sites?

At anytime, you can modify your property amenities, just by going to the “property info” tab, the space amenities can be updated from the “spaces” tab